Everything you need to know about Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are the medium to transfer products from one end to another end on the endless loop it has in between. It is used in industries to rotate the materials. These are of various types according to the factory requirements.

Trimech India is a leading brand of conveyor belt suppliers in India. It has a huge variety of different machineries.

The conveyor belt manufacturer scan order standard models to customize by engineering and production staff to fit company’s individual needs.

There are many types of conveyor belts, let’s get to know few of them one by one.

  1. Hooper Conveyors:

The hopper conveyors can receive parts from production operations and convey them into a tote, grinder or feeder bowl. These are simple, flexible and a low maintenance product.

  1. Roller Conveyors:

These are the best transporting material and goods around a factory roller conveyor are fast and easy. These conveyors have a standard metallic silver powdered coated or stainless steel finish.

  1. Curved Conveyors:

These are blended in between and mostly are used for logistics, medical, Packaging, Pharmaceutical and other such industries.

  1. Wheel conveyor:

These are the conveyor in which there are wheels all over the conveyor and all the wheel rotating in its place makes the material reach to the other end.

  1. Belt Conveyor:

This is the conveyor in which there is a simple plane belt, in few conveyor system these belt are often magnetic. These make the stuff to move from one place to another place.

And similarly there are other various kinds of conveyor performing various different functionalities for different factory products.

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