Everything you need to know about Nitrogen plant manufacturer

Trimech India is a leading Nitrogen plant manufacturer industry into market providing the best gas supply with satisfactory clients. Our machines are designed and developed in a manner to fulfill the requirements such as great performance and high efficiency.

The capacity of these massive machines vary from 20-5000 m3/hr. And it is also guaranteed that the machines gives a 100% valued results to their clients. And these are also good considering the medical and different medical conditions.

Here are few salient features regarding these machines:

  1. Reliable
  2. High performance
  3. It can run more then 30 years without maintenance
  4. Fully Automotive and does have advance compressor

We have an efficient team to look after the regular queries raised by clients and to deal with our existing customers.  As the machine’s are fully automatic so there are very less human involved in it.

Now let us get a look of the parts this machine has:

  1. Air Compressor
  2. Process Skid Purification Unit
  3. Air Separation Column
  4. Expansion Engine
  5. Liquid Oxygen Pump
  6. Cylinder Filling Manifold

The process followed in this Nitrogen Generator is first they go for the compression of atmospheric air. The next step does involve purification of air. Then it is left to be cooled and further let to be separated of liquid air into oxygen and nitrogen.

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