Facts that you did not know about screw conveyor

Screw conveyor or auger conveyor is actually evolved from ancient Greece.  It started from the purpose of lifting the weight of water. Trimech India is one of the leading company we offer screw conveyor at a very much affordable price you would find after bargaining.

Let us now get to know about the basic aspects that is considered for screw conveyor manufacturer.

The machinery design

The design of this machine is done after the great inventor Archimedes invented the unique design to transfer the liquid from bottom level to top. What it uses is helical screw blade.Modern industries often used screw conveyor slight incline or horizontally where it helps the company to move semi-solid products

What are the advantages of Screw Conveyor Manufacturer?

  • Installation is very easy and high in performance
  • Can distribute bulk products using multiple discharge point
  • Effective to move dry to semi-fluid material
  • Cost effective and Maintenance cost is low

What is the application in which he screw conveyor works?

Below is the basic functionalities for which it is being used.

  • You can use an auger conveyor to move material from Point A to Point B. In this, a screw type design keeps rolling on the shaft driven belt. And, the belt rotates, the connected conveyor also move along and push the items ahead. It’s the best way to transfer items from the point of creation to the point of consumption.
  • In other use, this conveyor can be very helpful to mix materials. Rotating shafts moves the ingredients in the main shaft to mix with each other.


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