Get to know the perfect lump breaker for your industry

Get to know the perfect lump breaker for your industry

Food and chemical industries are making use of lump breaker so that the aggregates can be broken down to form a finished good or to make good use of raw material for further processing. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the factors that one should consider before making an important investment in lump breaker.

Did you know that certain industries need lump breaker to form either fine powder or granules? To list some of them, have a look

  1. Coal, gypsum
  2. Detergents, washing soda, soda bicarbonate
  3. Sugar and salt

We are sure that when you read this, you may have not thought that these products undergo lump breaking process with the help of lump breaker. You are certainly not happy if you see a lump of sugar or salt or detergents coming out of packets. You want them to flow freely. Hence let’s have look at some of the important factors to be considered before buying a lump breaker.

  • The ability of the material to compress defines its strength. It will show to what extent free flow it can be. This is known as bulk density. In certain particles, the void is less hence they cannot be compressed to some extent. Hence building up pressure will make no difference in their flowing properties. Hence one should analyze the bulk density of their material and choose lump breaker accordingly.
  • Certain materials have higher moisture retaining capacity. They are sticky by nature. Hence you must know the moisture holding capacity of the material so that you can exactly know how much energy will be required by your lump breaker to do the needful. The speed of the rotator and the tooth design that will break the lump will have to be carefully selected so that the breaking process is effectively carried out.
  • Did you know that fibrous materials are hard to break down? To break the agglomerates, carefully select a blade or tooth design so that you can meet the challenge. You also need to set an optimum rotor speed so that the energy used to run blades or teeth is not wasted and you can achieve the desired result.
  • Lump breakers use energy for the process. It is true that they also release heat energy as they are working. This heat energy may hinder the process of lump breaking if the material is heat sensitive. Thus to overcome this, you can make use of cooling material during the process. Another way to control heat flow is by regulating the speed of rotator. To know more, you may get in touch with our experts.

Trimech India is a manufacturer and supplier of lump breaker. We have a team of experts who can guide with the type of lump breaker you may need for your industry. Our machine is made that will apply precision to your product. We have a dedicated research team that keeps on inventing the solution to any problems that may occur during the process. Innovations are an inevitable part of us and we are constantly striving to give in the best to other industries.

If you are having a question regarding the type of lump breaker that you need then get in touch with one of our experts. We are happy to guide you with the same.

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