How industrial lime handling system works?

Industrial Lime Handling System

Trimech India has been serving into the sector of material handling since many years. There are various kinds of materials that we have handled over the years. Lime handling is one such thing that requires a good combination of machines and technology. However, each type of material handling will have its own ways of doing it. There are many factors that one must consider before designing a system that would handle that material. 

Starting with one of the main components is the Lime Feeder Rotary Airlock Valve that feeds the material in the conveying line. One should select the size carefully because a larger one will lead to choking and a smaller one will reduce the system capacity.

Lime Feeder Rotary AIrlock Valve

The Ventruy is responsible for fluidizing the material so that it can go through the conveying channel. It is from here that the journey of handling lime begins. The next in the design is the Conveying Duct. The duct needs to be smaller in length to assure that the transportation is efficient. This line will help in sending the material to its discharge point.

Then comes the role of Lime Dust Collector that will separate out the fluidized lime and the air. The air is then blown outside after making it clean. Finally the Lime Discharge Rotary Airlock Valve does its job of discharging the lime out of the dust collector. It is placed under the lime dust collector.

If one needs to have multiple discharge points then Diverter Valves can be used to serve the purpose. With the mechanical involvement of different parts of the system, there should be a control panel that will keep a check on the working and other necessities.  However, one must be careful in choosing the kind of parts in making the lime handling system.

There are many factors such as route, length, particle size, and others that will determine the efficiency of the lime handling system. Trimech India has an extensive knowledge and experience in knowing the particle characteristics and its handling. The knowledge of particle behavior also plays an important role in setting up an awesome handling system. Therefore if you are looking forward to setting up one for your industry then do get in touch with us. We shall provide you with a system that is cost effective and results that are guaranteed. One of the main advantages of associating with us is that we offer customizations. Our plans and designs are not rigid but it moulds as per your requirement.

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