How to Choose Bucket Elevator Model?

Bucket elevators are used as lifting equipment in many industries. They are comprised of components like drive head, bottom head, inlet, outlet, buckets, casing, drive unit and take up. The selection of bucket elevator model should be done carefully after understanding various factors to avoid troubles in future. Here are some of the factors that should be considered before buying them from bucket elevator manufacturer.

  • Type of Material: Material should be free flowing, heavy or bulky
  • Type of product: which type of product is to be handled such as raw material, finished product, liquid, semi-liquid, hard, powder etc.
  • Proportion of material: common bucket elevator parameters are designed and calculated according to the materials which mass density under 1.6 and large proportion of materials are according to tensile strength of traction and drive part
  • Direction of Flow: Direction can be vertical, horizontal, or Z type
  • Capacity: Total unit conveying capacity should be considered in selection
  • Speed of Elevator: Speed can be variable or fixed as per the requirement
  • Height: Level of the inclination should be clear in the mind
  • Distance: Whether there is a long distance between products to be maintained or not
  • Type of industry: Such as food, pharmaceutical, cement, sugar, oil etc.
  • Pulley: Pulley requirement for transportation of product or material
  • Size: To avoid overloading, size of bucket should be fixed

Bucket elevators are the most dependable solution for making vertical lifts for industries. You can buy your required product from a wide range of elevators from the market. They should be chosen carefully after the inspection of your work site and requirements. It is always recommended for you to ask bucket elevator supplier themselves as they are have experience and expertise to do so.

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