How to choose the perfect pneumatic conveyor system?

Pneumatic Conveyor System

Pneumatic conveyors are an excellent choice for material handling especially if you want to have a dust-free and efficient transfer. There are Three basic types of pneumatic conveyors that work on different principles. The team of Trimech India can assist you in choosing the one that best fits your industrial purpose of material handling. It solely depends upon the industrial environment and the characteristic of a material that needs to be transported. Let’s study the two types of pneumatic conveyor systems, the one that works with pressure and the other that works on the principle of vacuum.

Vaccum And Pressure ConveyingPressure system

  • The system makes use of the high pressure compressed air that begins from 15 psig and ending at a pressure which is equivalent to atmospheric pressure.
  • The material is fed into vessel through the rotary airlock and the inlet is locked to create pressure.
  • There is a separation of air and material with the help of a filter due to high pressure near the receiver. 
  • When the mass of the material is heavy; we make use of pressure to handle them. 
  • A pneumatic conveyor that works on the principle of pressure is a bit costly but at the same time efficient when the material is heavy and requires longer transportation.

Vacuum system

  • The system makes use of a vacuum generator here that will suck in all the air and material to move towards the conveying line and then the receiver.
  • The overall power generating capacity, the working efficiency of the system and operating characteristics are determined by the kind of vacuum generator used.
  • The flowing air towards the receiver causes the gravity that leads to material drop into the receiver.
  • The filter present in there will separate the material from the dust particles to maintain the efficiency of the vacuum generator.
  • The vacuum system is used when the material cannot be transported using a pressure system; especially when transportation is at a long distance.

Confused! Which one to use for your industrial purpose?

Pneumatic Conveyor System

Well, you may keep confusion at a bay because our team at Trimech India will guide you in choosing the best pneumatic conveyor system for you. By the way, there are a few questions that you can answer here.

  1. What is the type of material that you need to transport?
  2. What is the purpose of material transfer?
  3. Is it only about shifting the material or is it about handing material more than the current capacity?
  4. Which factor would you take into account? Is the efficiency or the gentleness of the transporting system?

Trimech India can help you in deciding as to what type of pneumatic conveyor system is best for your industry. There is no doubt that pneumatic conveyors are efficient when it comes to material handling. You may get in touch with our team for more information.

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