How to find the Perfect Dust Collector that you need?

While it is being difficult to find the perfect dust collector system for your facility, today I will try to guide you to decide on selecting the dust collector system model. There are number of elements which should be considered before buying a dust collector.

Common Terminology

There are a few common terms with which you can familiarize yourself to help you find the ideal dust collector system.

  • Micron is a unit of measurement for dust particle and it is an important term to remember
  • Static pressure is produced by suction of air moving through the duct. It is measured in inches.
  • Cubic Feet per Minute is used to measure air intake

Suction Power

It is important that a dust collector system provide good suction based on the cubic feet per minute. You are required to calculate the amount of static-pressure loss that happens between the dust collector and your tools. This is because every foot of pipe will add resistance to suction. Depending on the tools on your workshop, CFM will vary. It is better to check manufacturer’s website for suction performance curves.

Single- or Two-Stage Systems

Number of stages in dust collector systems is another element to keep in mind. Single-stage systems are cheaper but not much effective as two-stage systems. You are better off using a two-stage dust collector system if you want proper filtration. Two-stage systems draw air into a separator that filters out larger pieces such as chips. This ensures proper suction all the times while not clogging filters.

Size of the Filter

Filter size also an important aspect of a dust collector system. Over the last two decades, filter fabric has gone through significant changes. In older times, machines were equipped with 30-micron bags and to be primarily single-stage. They were not effective filters and were often the most harmful.

Instead, dust collection filters need to be able to block particles smaller than 10-microns for effective filtration to take place. These small particles are the one which cause severe lung damage and are the most harmful to your labor-force. Today, your filtration system will be sufficient with dust collectors that filter particles measuring 2.5-microns at least.


All of the above aspects will help you to find the perfect dust collector system for your facility. Once you find the system with enough suction power and filtration, you will be able to keep your facility clear of all the harmful dust particles. You can find the top dust collector suppliers in India and get the system for you.

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