How to Identify Which Cyclone System is Best?

Trimech India is here to provide you the best way you can judge for which would be the best cyclone system you should choose.

The cyclone, most frequently preferred dust collecting system have its different versions which we would be explaining into our further discussion

Here are the list of the versions:

  1. Direct Drive Pull-Through
  2. Direct Drive Push-Through
  3. Belt Drive Push-Through, and more.

Let us discuss on them one by one.

Direct Drive Pull-Through Cyclone System:

The Pull-Through cyclone system, also known as a cyclone separator, is the most efficient Dust Collector Supplier for its cost, and the most popular. This system uses top-mounted motors and fans to pull the dust and the other particles were collected using the vacuum.

Cyclone Dust Collectors uses the centrifugal effect to clean the dust and the particle which remains would be allowed to enter into the room or in case the micro particles are still there then they are shifted to a house named bag house where there would be additional filtering.

Direct Drive Push-Through Cyclone System

Direct Drive Push-Through Cyclone Systems use the same vortex but here the difference is air is pushed through the system by the fan.  The advantage of the push through is that the user is not concerned with an air tight system.  For the chip & mist collectors, which use the push through system draining can be easily achieved and can be fed back to the original reservoir. Belt Drive Push-Through Cyclone System

The customers who need a large dust collector the belt driven cyclone system is the best.

So, which cyclon system do you find the best?

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