How to know if i need MAP Packaging?

MAP Packaging

What all comes in packaging? If you start making a list of it then it’s going to be endless. Our day to day essentials comes in packing. Our busy lifestyle forced us to buy packed things because they stay for a longer time. On top of that, the prevailing pandemic changed things forever it seems. People have learned to stock things and avoid going to market frequently. Would you want to know what technology helps in keeping your food items fresh for a longer time? Let us tell you about industrial MAP packaging that helps in keeping food packets fresh for long.  

Nowadays, many food packing industries are emerging and it is their goal to provide food packages that will keep food fresh until opened. Food items like cheese, meat, fish, and other food items that are having shorter shelf life are processed through industrial MAP to give them a longer life. The intent here is to remove oxygen gas from the space of the package and refill it with MAP gas. Oxygen, as we all know that it promotes bacterial growth leading to spoilage of food items. Hence it is best to remove or minimize the concentration of oxygen.

If you are an industry that deals with non-processed food items then you will need MAP packaging. Non-processed food does not contain any stabilizers or preservatives. Hence there are chances that the food gets deteriorated faster. To slow the process of spoilage, it is recommended that your non-processed food packaging is flushed with MAP gases.

MAP PackagingSome of the vegetables and fruits come in packing. As there are no preservatives, it is best to have such packing flushed with MAP gases so that they don’t get spoilt at the earliest. Such veggies and fruits can stay fresh for a longer time.

Dry fruits are costly and their preservation is necessary too. If you keep them in the refrigerator for a long time then there are chances that the taste may alter. Therefore, small size packing with MAP infused is highly recommended so that they stay fresh. The nutritional value and the crispness will stay intact.

People have realized that processed meat is not a healthy option. Therefore MAP gas flushed in such meat packaging will reduce the chances of spoilage. Alternatively, unprocessed meat is a healthy choice, and with MAP flush, it is still good and fresh to consume.

What matters when you are moving around the food shelf is the appearance of the food item. If it attracts you visually, then you will like to buy it. So, MAP packaging here is definitely going to win. Besides keeping the taste and nutrients intact, it also gives your food product an appealing appearance.

If you are any of these, then you are most welcome to get in touch with us and know more about Industrial MAP packaging. It is a boon in today’s time. Do contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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