How to Maintain Conveyor Belt System?

A conveyor belt is designed to convey a number of materials from one place to another. This material includes metal sheets, concrete, rocks, ingredients, oil etc. The performance of a conveyor belt system depends on its maintenance. A well maintained conveyor belt has smooth lateral movement.

When you does not take care of your conveyor belt system, it suffers from a jerky operation which ultimately can lead to immense downtime. So today we will be looking at some methods to avoid this problem.

Conveyor Belt Slippage Prevention

You need to prevent the conveyor belt slippage in order to get the best service from it. Here are the 5 methods by which you can prevent it:

  1. Choose the Right Conveyor

The type of conveyor belt decides whether it will support your workplace processes or not. There are number of different belt conveyors available including aluminum belt, self-tracking, cleated and many more. You need to find the right system by talking with conveyor belt manufacturing departments and they can help you in selection of the system.

  1. Maintain the System

They belt system needs to be properly maintained in order to last a lifetime. Make sure that you schedule complete inspection, cleaning and maintenance operations once in a month. This way the system will be healthy and running.

  1. Inspect the Bearings

Make sure you inspect the bearings on regular interval because damaged or loose bearings can cause many problems to a conveyor belt system. Bearings cause the pulleys to bind with each other. They also cause the motor to create excessive torque and slowdown the belt movement.

  1. Check System Wear and Pulley Alignment

The pulleys are responsible for belt tensioning. The tension will be uneven when they are improperly installed or not aligned well. They can cause the belt to stretch on one side if not fixed in time. So always make sure to check the system wear and pulleys alignment after maintenance activity.

  1. Prevent Belt Slippage

Improper belt tensioning can also cause the belt slippage. It can also be caused by extremely heavy load. So ensure to tighten the belt to the right specifications. Make sure that the system is designed to handle the loads created in the factory.

We hope that above five methods will help you to maintain your conveyor belt system in a better way. For more queries on manufacturing and maintenance, you can contact Trimech India.

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