How to Select a Perfect Haul off Conveyor Belt?

Industries sometimes find difficult to select the best belt which meets their requirements. It is important to take into account a number of factors during investigation process in order to get the optimal conveyor belt extraction configuration and composition to meet your manufacturing requirements.

Materials like copper, pipe, door and window, vinyl siding, aluminum, automotive, tubing, cable, wire, rubber, plastics etc. are conveyed in extrusion industries from one place to another. In such case, drawing off the materials from extruders becomes important.

You need to balance the effects of extrusion conveyor belting in order to get an optimized production because many factors here are interdependent. For example, gripping capability versus deformation tolerance. You don’t want your product to get slipped from the gripping and at the same time you also don’t want to cause wobble because of more relaxed grip. The answer to this problem is higher friction belt cover.

You need to consider following elements as you go about your research for your extrusion belt:


Find out how much heat is used in the process. Belts can be created to withstand extreme heat depending on the composition of materials used in belt manufacturing and coating.


Will your belt be exposed to UV, ozone, alcohol, water, or oil? These things can affect belt working negatively so they must be taken care in advance while designing the belt.


You need to decide on keeping the belt surface harder or softer. Both of them has certain pros and cons. You need to find the optimal solution like a firm cover on a soft base or something like that in order to avoid issues while conveying.


You may be able to get the needed pull out force with longer traction lengths and lower pressures with thin-walled products that are prone to deformation.


Remember radius belts are more suitable for thin-walled products while Vee-shaped belts are suitable for hauling pipes and tubes.


In order to minimize transverse drifting, tracking guides can be incorporated into the belt design. Because, lateral movement may be a problem for high tolerances products.

You can make a huge difference between a successful production like and a sub-optimal one if you use a well-designed and correctly installed puller haul off belt. If you want to avoid upstream and downstream delays, you must go for those reliable extrusion belts. They are truly efficient in handling the products smoothly without damaging the profile quality. Do you want to ask anything on Haul off conveyor belts? Being the one of the top belt conveyor manufacturer, Trimech India is always there to answer your questions.

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