How to Take Care of a Belt Conveyor

Also known as continuous conveyor, a belt conveyor is essential for any industry as they help conveying bulk materials from one place to another. But one major problem with belt conveyors is that they easily gets worn out mainly because of its material. So for every industry owner, it is important to use it with care to avoid this problem because it is very expensive to repair them. Today I am going to discuss a few solutions to ensure that your belt conveyor last long time and you can avoid expensive maintenance.

  • First of all you need to make sure that your belt conveyors are always kept clean to extend their life. Ensure that there are no sticky materials on the belt because they create a blemish on the surface and it you will end up attracting dirt on the belt.
  • Make sure that your belt s clean from both internal and external side. This will allow it to work smoothly. You can use lubricant regularly to keep the belt flexible for longer time.
  • Regularly inspect chain and rollers and make sure that those components are at the right place. If they are misplaced, they can cut through the belt conveyor and tear it apart.
  • If you doubt that there is a tracking problem on the belt, operate it empty. Because empty operation will make the examination easy and you will be able to find an issue perfectly.
  • Spray the water on the belt conveyor for daily cleaning purpose. This will get rid of dust and other substances and also help to restore moisture of the material.

So, if you want them run smoothly for a longer period of time, consult with a professional belt conveyor manufacturer like Trimech India. We not only supply the products, we also take care of them throughout their lifespan. We ensure that our clients get hassle free working from our belt conveyors. You can visit our we

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