Importance of Pneumatic Conveying Systems in Material Handling

Materials have to be stored and moved from one location to another location in many industrial processes and transport. Modalities like trucks, trains, ships and aircrafts are used for long distances while for short distances, various technologies are used such as mechanical systems, buckets, grabs, screws, hydraulic systems, and pneumatic conveying systems

It is to be noted here that the bulk handling sector is a key player all over the world as it handles all the materials which are processed by most of the other industries. And above all, pneumatic conveying is especially important because it transfers bulk materials from source to destination.

Economical Pneumatic Conveyors

A good pneumatic conveyor is very economical to use for industries to handle and transport materials because of following key reasons:

  • They are relatively cheaper to install and operate as compared to other systems
  • They are totally enclosed and if required, can even be operated entirely without moving parts coming into contact with conveyed material
  • They are most flexible in terms of expansion and rerouting which makes them convey materials at any place easily


The importance of these systems can be seen when we identify the key advantages these pneumatic conveyors offer. Here are they:

Simple Routing

They help simplify the routing of bulk materials transfer paths as compared to mechanical conveyors throughout a plant. They are far easier to route as compared to screw systems which need precise installation. They usually need minimum floor space and the line can flow in both vertical and horizontal directions because the convey line just consists of simple pipe and nothing else. They are very flexible in material routing.

A Cleaner Method

There may be many points of transfer of the bulk materials along the way because mechanical conveyors primarily work in straight lines. They just eliminate many opportunities for spillage. Unlike a mechanical conveyors which are combined of different conveyors which can possibly create spillage at each transfer point, a pneumatic conveyor is an enclosed system and it fully protect workforce and environment from dangerous spills. Moreover this enclosed design also help to prevent contamination of many products.

Less Maintenance

Unlike mechanical systems, which needs to be maintained properly, these systems has so many fewer moving part and less mechanical failure so requires very less maintenance. They are very efficient in working at the highest levels.

Today, a number of materials needs to be transferred efficiently and quickly. In such a time, using pneumatic conveyors is a wise decision. There are many pneumatic conveying suppliers in the market who can consult for free and plan your conveying system installation very well. So do not wait and go for it today. You can find more information about it at Trimech India website www.trimechindia.com

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