Industrial Dust Extraction and Collection Systems

Let your employees breathe easy with the industry’s best Dust extraction and collection system! In such an industry where every day a lot of dust is spread in the environment, dust extraction and collection systems can be used to extract and collect fine and coarse dust particles. They offer high, consistent, and durable performance and sturdy construction.

Each one of such processes which produce a lot of smoke, fumes sparks and dust can be hazardous to the health and well-being of your employees. To prevent and maintain a safer work environment, every industry should install dust extraction and collection systems. It ensures that each place of employment is free from hazards that causes serious health issues and even deaths of workers.

Many dust collector manufacturer and dust collector suppliers offer these systems at affordable rates for industries. These dust extraction and collection system are manufactured using high quality tested raw material. They are tested well in every environment before resealing in the markets.


Dust extractors and collectors basically used in different processes such as packing, pulverizing, wood dust, polishing, buffing, grinding, and chemical. They solve a great purpose with convenience and cost effectiveness. Major features of dust extraction and collection systems are:

  • Optimum performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust construction
  • Durable operation
  • Trouble free performance and
  • Compact design

Technical Specifications

Generally these systems have specifications as follows:

  • Models: GPTP – 2 – 5
  • P.: 2HP, 3HP, 5HP


These systems have vast range of applications. Some major application areas are:

  • Furniture industry
  • Flour mills
  • Rice Mills
  • Power Plants
  • Sugar Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Automobile Industry

Trimech India manufactures and supplies these systems to control the dust at your place. We have highly dedicated and motivated team of experts who have vast experience of working in such projects. We manufacture our systems with high precision and efficiency. Even once you buy the system from us, our customer service makes sure that you get optimal and accurate information as and when you need to operate the system. You can visit us at www.trimechindia.com for further enquiry or for free quotes.

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