Installation of PSA Oxygen Plant: Relieving news

Installation of PSA Oxygen Plant

The social media pages, WhatsApp conversations, newspapers, and TV news are all flooded with the news of Coronavirus. The kin and the relatives are struggling hard to get beds, ventilators, medicines, injections, admission in hospitals, and medical oxygen cylinders. India is going through a tough time amid the second wave of the deadly virus. Trimech India is one of the manufacturer and suppliers of the PSA oxygen since long. However, our Prime Minister has announced the permission for the allocation of 551 PSA oxygen plants which will be funded by the PM CARES Fund

The PM CARES Fund as approved by the Prime Minister is willing to install the maximum number of allocated oxygen plants as soon as possible. As per the information that is received, the installation of the plants will take place at the identified government hospitals in district headquarters of various states/ UTs. However, the entire process will be done and handled by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. 

Saving a life is always a priority for the medical staff and hospitals. Trimech India manufactures and PSA Oxygen that can be made as per the required grade. We also insist if any private hospitals would look forward to having this PSA medical oxygen plant then we can help.

The hospitals are in dire need of oxygen to combat the critical situations of patients infected with the COVID-19. Therefore, the establishment of a PSA oxygen plant in the hospital premises will help in strengthening the health care system. Moreover, it will also ensure that the government hospitals have adequate oxygen supply that will help in the well-being of the patients battling a severe infection. We don’t know when this pandemic will get over. At the same time, we cannot run on assumptions. Therefore it is advisable to install PSA oxygen plant and help in saving lives. The team of Trimech India can help in setting up this Oxygen manufacturing plant. 

Such an in-house captive oxygen generation facility will address the day-to-day need of the medical oxygen supply to the hospital and which in turn will benefit the patients. Moreover, the stock of liquid medical oxygen will work as a balance to the captive oxygen generation. The facilitation of the PSA oxygen generation plant will see to it that the government hospitals are no facing a sudden medical oxygen crisis. One can set up a plant in their private hospitals too. By this, it will be easy for the hospital staff to monitor the availability of the oxygen. They will not have to depend on others for their requirement of oxygen. Also, that there is not disruption in the oxygen flow for the COVID-19 infected patients and the others who need of oxygen for their medical treatment.

We believe that this is a commendable step taken by the PM to assist the identified government hospitals with the uninterrupted oxygen supply. We wish that with this coming into force; people who are in need will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

To join hands in this initiative, we at Trimech India are doing our best to supply oxygen to people who are in need. At the same time, our team is working hard and giving time to help owners install PSA or VPSA oxygen plant in their premises.

We also encourage people to stay safe and stay home unless it is much needed. Do wear a mask and keep social distance.

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