Instructions Before Operating Rotary Airlock Valve

Operating Rotary Airlock Valve

As an operating staff person of any industry or a workshop, it is known to them that it is important to check devices and equipments before putting them to work. Well, a sorted and clean operative process management can avoid or minimize any hurdles that you would otherwise have it.  Here we are going to discuss about simple yet important equipment for industries that is known as Rotary air valve used in industries. It is advisable to read instruction manual or get know about its functionality and nature before operating it so that it can run on its own. It is best to know your functioning rotary air valve from inside and out so that it can support to the best to your conveying system. At Trimech India, we insist that the operating team should know the dos and don’ts of the devices so that the operating system can run smooth and target can be achieved in time line. Follow these steps to ensure a better performing Rotary air valve before starting the process.

Operating Rotary Airlock Valve

  • We consider the first and important step is to have a visual inspection of the valve, its interior blades, rotor and seal strips either by dismantling the valve or through the access door if possible. A careful visualization can help you solve the problem if any and it can lead you to the correct method of rectification if needed.
  • Do check the shaft seal for tightness in order to regulate the air flow so that contaminants and materials can be carefully separated with the air flow. Having an up to date rotary air valve installed will ensure a thorough separation while material handling.
  • The speed of the rotary valve can be regulated depending upon the oil level in the speed reducer. Hence one must keep a thorough check on the oil level so that no hindrance is observed.
  • An operative team should carefully adjust the drive chain for consistent performance and the guard on the drive chain should be there on its place at all the time.
  • It is obvious that no two valve installation procedure are same hence must carefully read and understand the manual and get to know regarding the maintenance process which should be carried out on a timely basis.
  • An operative team knows the number of times operations are carried out therefore they should be on toes and keep a sharp eye to know the number of times events occur. This will brief you regarding how many times and for how much time a maintenance is required. Do not miss out on the maintenance part or else you may face problems during operations.

Why not follow these instructions before operating on a rotary air valve and make your process absolutely worry free? Even after this if the problems occur, our team at Trimech India is there to help you sort out your problems and make your conveying system as smooth as possible and free from any hassles. 

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