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For an industrial Platform, utilities and energy are big concerns and with that Water, Electricity, and Natural Gas accounts to be the three utilities priorly made superior for carrying out industrial tasks. This priority has one more listing with the fourth utility, the Compressed Air Dryer.

Compressed Air Dryer Systems have different methods to remove the moisture content of compressed air, these types are enlisted below.

Regenerative Desiccant Type:

  1. Heatless (no internal or external Heaters)
  2. Heated (internal or external Heaters)
  3. Heat of Compression

Membrane Type Heat of Compression

Refrigerant Type:

  1. Cycling
  2. Non cycling

Single Tower:

  1. Deliquescent
  2. Desiccant

Quality class of Air as per machines manufacturing is an important feature recommended when working with sophisticated modern machineries and compressed air as a utility. Material properties concern with the presence of oil, wetness, and dust particles in compressed air has to be nominally concerned for a quality processing.  In such cases the usage of Filtered dry air as per recommendations result in reduced wear and tear, increased in machines overall performance like cycle time, lower rejections, better production quality, and time efficiency.

At Trimech India We provide a wide Range of Air Drying Applications to get the right source of air quality to meet production perspectives with the desired recommendation type. We offer a Wide Range of Air Dryer Types with increased production efficiency. We have:

  1. Refrigerator Dryer
  2. Heat of Compress Dryer
  3. Heatless Type Air Dryers
  4. Internal Heater Dryer
  5. Split Flow Type Dryer
  6. Blower Reactive Type
  7. Bio / Natural gas Dryer

At Trimech India, we have supplied hi-tech equipments to major core sectors such as Steel, Cement, Chemical, Power Equipments etc. With revolutionary equipments and best in class management principles our industry driven units have cutting edge performance for your every industrial aspect. Our Business areas have been more robust with areas like Paper and Pulp industries, Pesticides, Food and Beverages, Pharmacy & Chemical, Power Plants, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Bulk Drug, Cement and Textiles.


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