Know About: Trimech India Specialized Industrial Nitrogen Plants

Specialized Industrial Nitrogen Plants

Nitrogen Plants have been demanding industrial equipment for it has always remained prime being the most abundant element and its usage categorically immense with every field engineered. Trimech India’s specialization with creating robust Nitrogen Plants under high supervision has attained a technical excellence in providing high class rugged construction enabled, and highly functional with low maintenance need.

PSA Nitrogen Plant

A Fully Operated, and maintenance free Equipment, the robust Nitrogen Plant has been the most significantly derived equipment from Trimech. Making it automated and Maintenance free with no extra special attention needed, the processor can get your industrial work place attain a high quality nitrogen with up to 99.99% of purity. Being Productive and excellent with overall finishing of the Equipment, it is all sort through the consumer point of view, that its efficiency has been made.


Engineered with TrimechIndia – Nitrogen PSA

TrimechIndia’s HiTech Equipments pass through a set of Standards for every kind of material handling and processing units. The core Tech specs for equipment usage sectors result for all fields like Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Power, and much more. The Nitrogen Plant has been catered according to every industry standard and our end-product is always industry ready to get through all types of rigorous abilities.

  • The Nitrogen Plant from Trimech India has two automation Types provided as 1W + 1S
  • Port Provision for 282/485 Rs
  • Bypass arrangements with Rota meter
  • Separate Air Dryer For Batter Due Point
  • The Separate Air Dryer comes w/o Pressure and Purge Drop
  • Extended Filtration Levels
  • Oil content is reduced to a result of 0.003ppm
  • Two years of free servicing and support
  • Piping essentials SS316/SS304 or SA 105

Request your industry specific Nitrogen Plants. We also cater various material handling instruments, Dust Collectors, Valves and every other specialized equipments. Visit our Website to know more.

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