People of this era are totally fortunate, to have all the latest technological advancements, for carrying out procedures smoothly, with full ease. Automated systems have provided, so much increased efficiency, in all the areas,along with helping in saving time.

One of such finest example is of Conveyor systems.Conveyors are the most beneficial systems, used for transferring heavy amount of load, from one destination to another, within the industries. These are used in many industries like logistics, airlines, manufacturing, shipping and much more.

Trimech Company is the leading company, manufacturing best type of conveyors of different types, with differentiated benefits, to suit your all industry specific requirements. Most famous type of conveyors manufactured by Trimech are Screw Conveyors.

Screw conveyors are most effective ones, and are used for carrying diluted supplies, along with supplies which can non – easily flowing i.e. face difficulty in passing through bucket and roller systems.

Specialities of screw conveyors manufactured by Trimech:

  • Can be used in any type of space weather large or smaller, as these doesn’t need much space for themselves.
  • Capable of moving supplies horizontally, vertically or inclined, due to the screw present, which pushes the supplies, in all directions using the tubes.
  • Efficient in releasing supplies from various release points, for quick transfer at different places.
  • Safest, as these handle supplies carefully, without dropping them.
  • Useful for combining different categories of supplies.
  • Can be altered to be work as shaftless screw conveyor and screw feeders, for different uses.
  • Most reasonable
  • Used for cooling, warming, drying, holding internal pressure etc.
  • Helps in locking air for some procedures

You can trust us unseeingly, and tell us your specific requirements, regarding conveyors online.

We will guide you and help you,in choosing the best quality conveyors.

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