Lean Phase Conveying Systems From Trimech

Pneumatic Conveyors has been a prominent material handling unit that takes up to really resourceful working when considered in a big phase of conveying lines. The Pneumatic conveying has usually a three basic forms of operation as

  • Dense Phase conveying
  • Medium Phase conveying
  • Lean Phase or dilute Phase conveying lines

Lean Phase Conveying

For Different able conveying with particle size, shape, or bulk density, The Lean Phase or dilute Phase material conveying is used as a vast and wide traditional utility in industrial environments.

The Method for Lean Phase Pneumatic conveying has been used from the beginning as it has been the most productive way of conveying as with pneumatic means. With the lean phase dilute pneumatic conveying the ratio of conveying product to conveying air is low.

In most cases, the operating pressure of a lean phase conveying system is under one bar. Moreover the product conveyed can be of any size or density for the dilute phased type. Trimech India specializes in pneumatic conveying with dilute phase conveying type with custom needs to match with your industrial requirement.

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