Do I need a Dust Collector in My Industrial Premises? Here’s how to know.

Do I need a Dust Collector in My Industrial Premises?

Over the months of time, we have been hearing about the dust collector quite a lot. We tried making an intense search about what dust collector is. Though we had an idea about it we wanted to go in depth about it. Google gave us a long list of dust collector manufacturer and suppliers in India. We looked for each link closely. We could read all the positive good things about the companies and their products. Hence the confusion rose. Now we were looking for some references. After many advices and opinions from many business friends, we got hold of Trimech India. We decided to speak to them about our concern. Basically, our concern was that we wanted to know if our premises need a dust collector or not.

Workers and site officers are working on the premises for more than around 7 to 8 hours of the day. Hence it is the duty of industry to look after their health. But do we really need a dust collector or not is a question? Hence we spoke to the experts of Trimech India who helped us understand certain factors were having dust collector was Important.

  1. Formation of smog or a dust cloud in the premises. If your answer is yes, then you surely need a dust collector. A fine combination of smoke and fog particles together forms smog. The fine dust particles rise in the air and form a cloud-like formation. Do you know how you can know whether dust cloud is present or not? Try to read a signboard that is 10-12 ft away from you. If you face difficulty in reading then it can be said that a dust cloud is present. Such a condition makes it clear for the need of dust collector. This was exceptionally explained to us by an excellent dust collector manufacturer and dust collector supplier- Trimech India.
  2. At times air gets accumulated in the premises. Such air contains particles that are unsafe hence workers may feel suffocated and cough. To prevent this, they make open doors and windows of the working area. Now, you need to know that on an average for how long the doors and windows are kept open. If this happens then the working temperature set up is disturbed. This may lead to some other consequences. So, here is the need for dust collector. You must have it straight with the guidance of experts in the field of dust collector manufacturer and dust collector supplier.
  3. Do you do frequent cleaning of your heating and cooling air vents? Do you often check for these vents and find out that they are loaded with dust? You definitely need a dust collector. Such accumulation of dust on the vents can lead to a decrease in the efficiency of your heaters and coolers.
  4. A layman trick. Do you often see your items, desks, chairs and warehouse equipment with a layer of dust so that you can write on it? Do you see such dust particles getting accumulated even after cleaning on an alternate basis? Then there’s a call. You are in need of a dust collector.

We are running an industry. Many people are working on the premises. It is our duty to make sure that the air is kept clean. Trimech India is one of the leading dust collector manufacturer and dust collector suppliers who has put an effort into explaining into the need for dust collector. Some particles are not seen by the naked eye but workers do breathe them in and on the long run they make face respiratory problems. Hence, do check on the above points and if you need a dust collector then go for it soon. We are going to have it straight away.

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