Pneumatic Conveying System overview

You all might be knowing about the pneumatic conveyors. Let us today have a brief overview on it which will cover the types and features of the system.


A cost effective and efficient conveying is offered by this type of conveyors. They transfer dry, solid materials in bulk. Dilute phase conveying suspends the material in gas or air stream. Such conveyors are mainly used when product degradation and abrasion of line components is of very little or no concern because of the higher velocities generated in dilute phase.

With the help of this system, one can achieve flexible and clean alternative to mechanical conveying. Another advantage of such conveyors is that they are very easy to install and maintain without much issues. Here are some of the features of dilute phase conveying system.

  • Has single area pick up
  • Can reach multiple destinations
  • Efficient material conveying
  • Budget-friendly capital cost


Another type which is totally different from dilute phase conveyors is dense phase conveyor which is used to convey fragile or abrasive materials which cannot be handled with higher convey velocities. They help to transfer materials at high product-to-air ratios at very low speed so that the whole transportation process goes smoothly and less expensive as compared to airline boosters. Here are some of the features of dilute phase conveying system.

  • Highly efficient air management system
  • High pressure capacity
  • Air trace lines


This conveyor are mixture of both dilute phase system and dense phase system. They use continuous feed of a dilute phase system while taking other attributes of a dense phase system. We can call this as a hybrid system which operates at lower velocities with lower horsepower while high solids loading. Moreover it has less operating cost investment also. Here are some of the features of eco phase conveying system.

  • Constant material conveying
  • Multiple pick up points
  • Uses the best attributes of both dilute and dense phase conveyors

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