Pneumatic conveying systems – Boon to the industries

Are you facing difficulty in managing time, due to slow operations, involving movement of goods?

Then, Trimech Company offers you the best solution to your problem, by manufacturing Conveyor systems.

Conveyor systems are the automated systems, used to transfer heavy amount of supplies from end point to another in the industry, safely and timely.

These are available in vast variety of designs, with varying benefits, like Mechanical conveying systems, which involves Bucket elevators, Belt conveyors, Drag chain conveyors, Apron feeders etc.And, another most efficient type is Pneumatic conveying systems.

Pneumatic conveying systems are considered to be the best among all types of conveying systems. As, these are user friendly, safer, and needs very less maintenance.

Different types of Pneumatic systems:

  • Lean Phase Pneumatic Conveying System: This system is also known as suspension flow. As, in this phase, system encompasses suspension in pipe lines which allows liquid or diluted materials of any size,shape or density to smoothly pass through lines.
  • Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System:This system is considered as non – suspension flow. It involves two types of flows:
  • Moving bed flow: Here, supplies are carried, with the help of dunes upto the bottom of pipe lines.
  • Plug or slug type flow: Here, supplies are carried out like full bore plugs, which are detached from the air gaps.

Trimech offers Pneumatic systems with lot of advantages like:

  • Easy material handling capacity for any widths
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Better operability
  • Energy savings
  • Consistency
  • Suppleness
  • Enhanced Security
  • Easy reconfiguration

Go ahead and order highest quality pneumatic conveying systems from TRIMECH, and get all you operations enhanced, with outstanding ease and results.

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