Where you cannot reach easily, technologies helps you to achieve, the end results promptly and efficiently. This can be explained clearly, by taking the reference of conveyor systems. Conveyors are the true supportive systems used in industries, for simplifying the processes.

These have gained significance, in handling and managing different category of loads, for different applications, applicable as per the industry demand. These have their numerous types and designs, which attracts you and helps you in many ways.

By getting into detailed understanding of their types, you can purchase and use these systems more effectively. Their unique types include: Lean phase conveying type and dense phase conveying type.

Lean phase conveying type (Suspension flow): These are famous for transferring various categories of supplies like flours, resins, compounds, chemicals, and granular items, and pelletized items etc. smoothly. These also have their various styles and forms like Pressure, vacuum, combination vacuum/pressure and vacuum sequencing etc., having their unique different uses.

These use suspension lines for moving diluted supplies, and bag filters for diffusing supplies.

Dense phase conveying type(Non – suspension flow): These doesn’t involve usage of suspension lines. Then also transfers supplies with the low velocities.

These either works as moving flow bed type, by using dunes for passing supplies. Or, works as plug or slog type flow,by using full bore plugs for passing items. Both these types of dense phase are affordable and trustworthy.

By purchasing any of these types of pneumatic conveying systems from Trimech, you can avail benefits, like great operations flow with less operating cost, dependency, agility, security and much more.

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