Principle and working of PSA onsite oxygen generator

Principle and working of PSA onsite oxygen generator


We know that air is a mixture of various gases in different percentages. Nitrogen and oxygen gases are found in abundance in nature and have various applications. Trimech India makes use of hi-tech process to obtain oxygen in its purest possible form for industry needs. PSA oxygen generation is one of the best ways to obtain required grade purity of oxygen for industries. PSA Oxygen plant has been a bliss to industries and medical field for the its utility and applications. 

Principle: The PSA oxygen plant has one of the typical ways of separating oxygen from air mixture. In order to obtain rich oxygen, the method makes use of synthetic zeolite molecular sieve that will absorb nitrogen leaving behind concentrated oxygen gas. Hence, the oxygen gas as end product is obtained.

Working: PSA oxygen plant has a simple yet effective working. It comprises of two vessels lined with zeolite molecular sieve to absorb nitrogen gas from the air mixture. The compressed air mixture is passed through the vessels over one of the absorbers where the sieves will adsorb nitrogen gas. The remaining oxygen is then passed over from the sieve to get collected as the end product. A time comes when the first absorber is almost full. During that time, the inlet valve is opened so that the air mixture can now flow through the second absorber. The absorber undergoes regeneration by desorbing nitrogen by depressurizing the column. The process keeps on going continuously between both vessels doing production and regeneration. However, the entire process of PSA oxygen plant is cleverly controlled by opening and closing of valves.


Oxygen obtained by this method is used by industries for various purposes. Trimech India is the manufacturer and supplier of PSA oxygen plant. We have been catering to the need of industries for various applications for years. 

Most industry owners prefer installing PSA oxygen generator for several reasons like

  • The process is economical
  • It is safe
  • Reduces inventory work
  • Available 24*7 or when needed

Having a requirement for PSA oxygen plant generator for your industry? Get in touch with our team for your requirement.

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