PSA nitrogen gas generation plants

PSA Nitrogen gas plant typically consists of two tower system filled with special type of CMS at a time. With the help of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, we produce highly economical and high performance nitrogen gas plants. These two tower works on nitrogen gas production and regeneration process. Nitrogen gas is generated by the process on passing the compressed air through CMS. In this process, moisture, molecules of oxygen gas and other gases are absorbed in this process while nitrogen gas directly comes out without being absorbed. Then nitrogen gas is collected in a surge vessel.

Generally, if the need of discharge at higher pressure arises, PSA Nitrogen gas generation plants are provided. At Trimech India, we provide very efficient system that can discharge at very high pressure based upon customer’s requirements.

Nitrogen Purity& Models

Our system can provide purest nitrogen gas ranging from 99% to 99.99%. We have different model generators that can produce diverse range of nitrogen purities:

MS Model: To insert gas is different industries, Heat treatment furnaces and controlling coal mines.

Deoxo Model: To be used in metallurgical industries, pharmaceutical industries etc. where purest oxygen is needed.

Cu-Deoxo Model:Applicable in synthetic fiber, optical cables and electronic industries where ultra-high purity is required.

Nitrogen Plant with Booster Model:Booster model helps to discharge at higher pressure. This system adds up the power to generate more pressure.

Lab Scale Nitrogen Plant Model:To be used in existing air supply or be fitted with a dedicated compressor specially designed for laboratory use.

Oxygen plants manufacturers

Trimech India is also a leading supplier and oxygen plants manufacturer. Our highly experience team use top quality components which ensures highest performance from the system. Our products are efficient in continuous gas supply. Alongside, they are built in such a way that they are very safe and reliable for any industry. Additional benefits include compaction and sophistication in design, easily operable, less costly and most importantly needs minimum maintenance and support. You can contact us for further details and quotations of these PSA nitrogen Plants and PSA oxygen gas plants.

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