PSA Oxygen Plant: Are you taking these cares?

PSA Oxygen Plant: Are you taking these cares?

Oxygen plants are used for generation of pure oxygen from the atmospheric air. The air constitutes of 21% of oxygen, 78% of nitrogen, 0.9% of argon and 0.1 of other gases; one of the technology used for extracting the oxygen from air is called PSA which is abbreviation for, Pressure Swing Adsorption. PSA oxygen plant uses the physical separation process, to absorb the nitrogen and to give out the 92%-95% pure oxygen. Trimech India is high quality PSA oxygen plant supplier and manufacturer, with 2 years of free service support. PSA Oxygen plant can be used in many industries such as metal industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, glass industry, fish farming industry, oil, and gas industry, etc. As oxygen is capable of persisting burning process as well as it haves good oxidant properties it is used in various industries.

PSA oxygen plant consists of towers, in which the compressed air is fed; the compressed air must be dried before proceeding towards the other step. The Desiccant air dryer have affinity to absorb the moisture from the compressed air. This dried compressed air is then passed on to the bed of ZMS i.e. Zeolite molecular sieves which mainly absorbs the nitrogen from the air. At a time only one tower is under oxygen production process, others undergo the process of regeneration. Regeneration is achieved through depressurization of tower to atmospheric pressure. The name pressure swing adsorption is because of the generation of oxygen swings between two towers by pressuring and depressurizing of air in the tower. The pressure of oxygen at the outlet is controlled by back pressure regulators and is oxygen is supplied at minimum pressure.

Trimech India is well experienced in manufacturing of the PSA oxygen plants, with the best team of professional for your guidance. The Trimech India is the best PSA oxygen plant manufacturer because we develop the fully automatic system which requires no extra attention and the oxygen plant generates the oxygen as and when required with 92%-95% pure oxygen. Contact Trimech India now for more details.

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