Rotary Airlock Valve By Trimech India

Trimech India is the leading Oxygen Nitrogen Plant manufacturer and supplier in India. It is also the company that produces the highest purity of oxygen gas. Trimech India is also the leading company that manufactures and supplies Rotary Airlock Valves.

The key function of a Rotary Airlock valve is to regulate the flow using one compartment to another whilst maintaining high quality airlock conditions. The product is usually found in the powder ot the granular form. It uses the dust filtration sphere, so it is imperative that good airlock is required on cyclone and also bag filtering applications for superior dust collection efficiencies. The airlock that is present is important in the industry of pneumatic transmission and highly pressurized lines are present to minimize air leakage.

The Rotary Airlock Valve has a number of Manufacturer and supplier specified features that include:

  • Accuracy machining for modules
  • Intense shaft diameters that help in minimizing deflection
  • The highest blade numbers that can get in touch with the body once without influencing throughput.
  • There is also minimal approval with rotor sides as well as the tips throughout the body
  • Superior competence of the pocket filling through valve entry.
  • Outboard bearings that are intended for non-contamination
  • The vigorous body has been adequately stiffened to avoid distortion.

The Rotary Airlock Valve also has a number of manufacturer and supplier specified requirements such as

  • The bearings are preserved for the kind of life ball
  • The bodies of the valve must be made from aluminum, stainless steel, or cast iron
  • The geared motor unit must be mounted on a side wall and completed with a narrow lock sprocket chain driving all in a enclosed guard
  • Valve must be made out of Cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel and positioned in the body foe concentricity.

There are also different kinds of rotors such as the open adjustable bladed rotor, the open fixed bladed rotor, the scalloped rotor and the manufacturer issued standard rotor. All these different types of rotors have their own set of ups and downs and uses depending on the jobs that they do.

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