Things you must know about PSA Oxygen Plant

Things you must know about PSA Oxygen Plant

PSA oxygen generator uses zeolite molecular sieve as sorbent, produces oxygen by making use of the PSA principle. Under certain pressure, zeolite molecular sieve has different oxygen/nitrogen adsorption capacity, i.e. much more nitrogen adsorption capacity than oxygen adsorption capacity.

What are the parts of PSA Oxygen Plant?

Air Compressor & After Cooler

The Air Compressor compresses air up to 7.5 Bar and is cooled to ambient temperature in a shell and tube type heat exchanger. With the help of a mechanical unload the air compressor is been unloaded.

Oxygen Surge Vessel

Oxygen from PSA Module will have varying purity depending upon the pressure in the adsorbed during the one minute cycle time. The excellent engineering of the vessel gives you the product with good quality. The output received is also obtained at constant pressure with constant average gas purity.

Air Receiver

This serves as a buffer vessel / small storage for compressed air for continuous feed of air to the system and as a result is kills the pulsation of pressure.
Also, the moisture is also drain out by Auto Drain from the bottom.

Raw Oxygen Flow Meter

Rotameter is provided at the outlet of Oxygen Surge Vessel to check the quantity of Oxygen flow drawn from PSA system.

Percentage Oxygen Analyser

A digital on-line oxygen analyzer is installed to monitor oxygen Percent level at outlet.
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