Tips To Maintain Your Dust Collector

Maintain Your Dust Collector

We are sure that you all are aware of the use of vacuum cleaner at home. It is very effective in the removal of dust from the corners and places where brooms and mops don’t go. Industries also need dust collector to get rid of the dust and dirt particles forming during industrial process. While dust collector is important, it is equally important to maintain it so that they work effectively.

Dust collector manufacturer and dust collector supplier do make an important announcement while selling off dust collector the tips and ways to maintain them to make them work effectively. It is important to create a maintenance schedule depending upon the use. It may be weekly or at 15 days or on a monthly basis. Dust collectors will work better if it is maintained.

  • Keep an eye on the temperature change on the pressure gauge. It is wise to keep a check list of the change in temperature. It is important to note temperature. If the temperature fluctuates, meaning if it increase or decrease then it is an indication that there is something wrong with the pressure gauge.
  • Another number that needs to be on the check list is the pressure. Keep a check on pressure. If there is a rise in pressure, it means that there is some problem with the filters. It is possible that filters are blocked. This can happen if the dust bags are filled up. They need to be emptied regularly so that the suction doesn’t get blocked. If the suctions are blocked then the dust collector cannot work properly which leads to increase in pressure.
  • When we keep a note on change in pressure, keep a check on differential pressure too. If the differential pressure is high, it is an indication that the filters are not working.  They need to be replaced. Using such poor filters can damage your dust collectors. Another possible reason could be the size. If the amount of dust to be handled is more than the capacity of the dust collector than it will not be able to bear the load. Hence use recommended capacity of dust collector as suggested by dust collector manufacturer or dust collector supplier.

Dust Collector

Lower differential pressure can be due to some kind of holes in the filters. Filters should be cleaned and checked regularly. These holes can lead some serious kind of explosion which can be hazardous. The presence of holes may lead the air flow resistance which can be very dangerous. Trimech India, recommends that filters should be checked and they should be maintained well.

  • It may sound silly to you but it is essential to have clean switches that are operated on day to day basis. The electric box too requires cleaning on a daily basis. The dust and dirt may get accumulated leading to sticky switches and electric box. Hence maintain them as well. Dust collector supplier would suggest that dust collector needs get the maintenance done with experts from the company.
  • Dust collector bags are an important component of dust collector. Empty the content of bags on a regular basis. Clean it properly. Cleaning and maintenance is important at each stage. Trimech India believes that the use and maintenance of dust collector is a boon to industries and their workers. It actually helps in keeping the environment clean and safe.

Health and safety are very important factors for any person. Hence dust collector supplier insists on maintained used of dust collector to one and all.

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