Using Nitrogen Generators for Sweep Gas

Nitrogen plants are used to steadily generate nitrogen gas on-demand. They provide convenient, safe and cost effective source of nitrogen with a faster ROI. Do you know these nitrogen generators are also used for Sweep Gas? This is how:

Using Nitrogen Generators for Sweep Gas

A liquid phase and a gaseous phase directly contacts with one another with the help of membrane contractors or simply contractors. This allows the bulk transfer between the phases without scattering both the phases. The main purpose of this device is to remove oxygen gas within water stream by operating the membrane contractors with the liquid water on one side of the hydrophobic membrane and vacuum and a nitrogen sweep applied on the other side of the membrane. The membrane will now allow the liquid water to pass through the pores into the membrane’s gas side since it is hydrophobic.

Oxygen can be removed from the water side of the contractor by altering the limited pressure of the nitrogen. This task is done with the help of breakthrough pressure equation. Oxygen from the water stream migrates through the hollow fibers with the use of lower pressure in vacuum and nitrogen as the sweep gas, as it is attracted to the lower pressure side of the contractor. Here we also mention that the quality of the sweep gas is also very important to the process along with the breakthrough pressure.

Purity Levels

Different levels of nitrogen purity are acceptable as the sweep gas depending on the final process for which the degasified water is used. According to industrial standards, the purity levels are above 99.99% for most of the sweep gas nitrogen applications. This purity level is recommended and necessary too.

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