Operations carried out without using Oxygen gas, are not so worth, for getting high productivity. Oxygen is the core gas, used for living and making all operations, smooth and effective.

If you are in an industry, carrying out chemical operations, involving formation of sulfuric acid, nitric acid etc., or medical operations, then you should not lose any opportunity, to purchase beneficial Oxygen gas plants, from Trimech.

Trimech India is the leading Nitrogen plant manufacturer and Oxygen gas plant producer. Atmosphere provides both Oxygen and Nitrogen gases. But, Trimech is smart in separating both gases, using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system.

It is considered best and pure nitrogen generator as well as Oxygen generator.  It produces Oxygen plants, having unique and worthy attributes like:

  • Produces pure Oxygen, which is 92 – 95% nutritious.
  • Is continuously involved in bypass arrangement, using accurate rota meter.
  • Uses air dryers, for continually balancing the due point, and increasing it at the required levels, by not using pressure or purge drops etc.
  • Is fully mechanical, hence saves precious time and manual operations and cost.
  • Provides good automations as like 1w+1s.
  • You can easily and freely install these plants, and operate these with full convenience.
  • Provides good maintenance assistance.
  • Efficient in gaining high filtration level.
  • Takes oil content to a limit of 0.003 ppm, after attaining high filtration level.
  • It is not time bound, you are free to generate Oxygen, when you desire to.
  • Best facility of getting service free up to 2 years.

If you want reliable functions, with quick and meaningful results, then call or mail us your queries online, at our website.

We will approach you instantly, and will guide you in buying the most accurate Oxygen plants, with incomparable quality and standards.

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