Vibratory Tube Conveyors Guide

Screw conveyor systems have served many industries for years. They are made of trough or tube containing a spiral auger that helps to transport material from one place to another. This auger designs may or may not contain shaft at center. Hager bearings are located throughout the through to help guide and support the auger.

This screw conveyor system has a number of applications in different industries. They help moving sticky materials, food, sugar and other hard to convey materials also. But, when the material is having very odd shape, dry and is extremely abrasive, we recommend you to upgrade from screw conveyors to vibratory conveyors. Here is the brief about it:

Vibratory Tube Conveyor

These type of conveyors are a very good alternative to screw conveyors. They offer an efficient transportation to materials without the maintenance issues those were being faced with screw conveyors. Vibratory tube conveyors offer the advantage of eliminating the hanger bearings, shaft and the auger which requires continuous maintenance.

Another benefit the vibratory tube conveyors offer is the reduced wear characteristics on the pan itself. They transport the material by throwing and tossing the product forward by vibration. This reduces the contact to the through during conveyance.

Vibratory conveyor for pellets

Vibratory conveyors also offer extra process benefits as compare to screw conveyor systems. They help doing other processes such as cooling, heating, screening, drying and more while the product is being conveyed. They can be in various designs like open, closed, square pans, tubes and also can be split into multiple lanes having conveying power to different directions. They can convey the material in inclined or declined direction also. In short, you can fully customized them as per your industry requirement. Just ask a screw conveyor manufacturer for it.

Industries should consider the benefits of vibratory conveyors when buying screw conveyors. You can ask different screw conveyor supplier to give more details about these systems which can reduce maintenance and comes in fully customized product. You can visit our website at www.trimechindia.com for further information about these systems.

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