Want to know which pneumatic conveyor suits best for your workplace?


Have you decided that pneumatic conveyor is the one that you are looking for in order to transfer material in your industry? 

Do you know the modes of operations for material handling in your industry so that you can choose type of pneumatic conveyor?

Well, if you are not aware of what type of pneumatic conveyor you must choose then there is nothing to worry much. This blog comes up to give you a basic understanding about how you can know which type of pneumatic conveyor you material will like. 

Pneumatic conveyor is a convenient and efficient way by which bulky and dry material type can be handled. The kind of pneumatic conveyor will solely depend upon the kind of material need to be transferred; knowing that whether the material is fragile or abrasive or they are pellets or may be powdered and much more. Let us understand the basics of types of pneumatic conveyor to understand more about what can be more suitable for your workplace. 

Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying SystemAbrasive or fragile materials:

Materials like sugar, sand, carbon black particles etc are abrasive and fragile in nature and they need a careful handling while they are being transferred. In such a scenario it is best to have Dense Phase pneumatic conveying system so that lower speed and less air pressure will not allow the fragile material to break down. The lower velocity assures that there are minimum chances of wear tear for both the systems.

If you think that you are not sure of your material type then you can visit or call our team of experts who can guide you to know material type and lead you to correct type of pneumatic conveying system.

Aeratable abrasive materials:

Some of the materials that can be transferred using medium velocity and those that partly remain in air while some remain suspended can be transferred by Semi Dense Pneumatic Conveyor system. Such a type of transfer arrangement ensures that the particles are reaching their destination without any wear and tear.

Such a system is ideal for transferring abrasive materials at a medium rate flow. Our team at Trimech is always ready to help you in identifying the right type of pneumatic conveying system for your industry or work place.

Non abrasive and non fragile materials:

It’s a high velocity system of transferring material because here there are no chances of materials abrasion or degradation. We call it as Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying System where the flow of material transfer remains constant and undisturbed. In this type of pneumatic conveying system, it is important to keep a check on the air flow so that motion of materials remains continuous. 

At Trimech we monitor and assess material type closely so that we can suggest you with the type of pneumatic conveyor that you should opt for.

Pneumatic conveyors are cost effective and significantly require less maintenance hence it can be said that it is a boon for modern material transfer for industries. Get in touch with us for any queries.

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