What are the Advantages of Onsite Nitrogen Generation for Food Packages?

Onsite Nitrogen Generation for Food Packages

The un-reactive and inert Nitrogen gas is a friend to many food industry owners and food packaging companies. Unlike other gases, its availability in abundance and the non interfering nature makes it a true companion. Trimech India is a manufacturer and supplier of PSA Nitrogen gas to many food industries in today’s date. The need for nitrogen shall be there all the time to keep the food in the packet fresh for longer time. When food packets are flushed with Nitrogen gas, the food remains moisture free, unaltered in taste, crunchy and hygienic. This gas even maintains the nutritional value of the food and therefore all the food industries and packing companies now make use to nitrogen in food packing.

Onsite Nitrogen Generation for Food Packages

Know How The Nitrogen Food Packaging Process Works

Nitrogen In Food Processing

Using nitrogen in food processing is very important since it can stop oxidation-caused discoloration, stop bacteria and mold from growing, and keep food products tasting and feeling the way they should. Nitrogen plays an important part in the production and processing of food at every level of the process. In order to ensure a sterile and clean environment before the product passes down the production process, it is used to purge tubes, pipes, and containers. Nitrogen is also used for filling and flushing a variety of storage containers, including cellophane bags, glass jars, bottles, cans, and plastic containers. This guarantees that the food stays clean and fresh until it is in the hands of customers to eat.

Use Of Nitrogen Gas In Food Preservation

It is very important to use nitrogen gas to keep food fresh, especially in a process called washing. Using this method, you put the food in its proper container and then fill the container with nitrogen gas. The nitrogen moves the oxygen around inside the bottle, pushing it out. After that, the package is tightly sealed to keep the nitrogen inside. This careful process of nitrogen filling in food packaging not only makes the food last longer, but it also adds a layer of protection, which is especially important for fragile foods like popcorn, chips, and pretzels.

Use Of Nitrogen In Vacuum Packing

By taking air out of the package, vacuum packing extends the shelf life of food, and adding nitrogen makes this process even better. Before the package is sealed, nitrogen is added to it. This pushes out any remaining oxygen and creates a world without oxygen. With vacuum nitrogen filling in food packaging, fragile items like fresh herbs, fish, and baked goods stay fresh and intact for the whole time they’re in the store. 

Benefits Of Nitrogen Filling in Food Packaging 

  • Preserving Flavors:
    Nitrogen gas does not mix with food because it is not active. In this way, the food’s natural smells and tastes are kept, so they keep their original taste and quality.
  • Safety Approval from the FDA:
    The FDA says that nitrogen gas can be used to package food because it is safe for people to eat. People can be sure that the food items packed with nitrogen flushing are safe now that they have this approval.
  • Extra Long Shelf Life:
    Nitrogen gas packaging stops the growth of dangerous bacteria and microorganisms that thrive in oxygen by taking its place. This makes the packaged foods last longer, which cuts down on waste and boosts productivity.
  • Protection Against Damage Caused by Moisture:
    Since nitrogen is dry, it fills up any empty places inside the packaging and stops moisture from getting in. This keeps the food from going bad because of water, so the taste and quality stay the same.
  • Better Product Integrity:
    Things that are easily broken, like wafers or chips, tend to break while being shipped. The nitrogen acts as a cushion and a barrier to protect the goods, keeping them whole and unharmed.
  • Efficient Packaging Process:
    Nitrogen purging gets rid of oxygen, which is a big cause of food going bad, and makes the atmosphere inside the packaging controlled. This process makes sure that the food stays fresh and of good quality for a long time.
  • Cost Savings and More Control with On-Site Generation:
    If you have an onsite nitrogen generation for a food packaging plant, you won’t have to buy and store nitrogen tanks. This cuts down on the cost of shipping and storing while giving you more control over the purity of the gas to meet the needs of your packing. These savings can be put to use by businesses to grow and become more efficient overall.

Producing Nitrogen Gas For Food Packaging Industry 

In the food packaging sector, producing nitrogen is a standard procedure; nevertheless, buying or storing nitrogen can result in considerable expenses and inefficiencies. Additionally, there can be cost and safety issues when using pressurized cylinders for gas storage.

Onsite nitrogen generation food packaging is a more effective way to use nitrogen gas. With the help of portable nitrogen generators, businesses may control nitrogen output to meet their unique needs in a practical and economical manner. The disadvantages of buying and storing huge amounts of gas are avoided, and this technology guarantees a consistent and dependable supply of nitrogen when needed.

Trimech India – The Top Supplier of Nitrogen Plants

Trimech India is a supplier of Nitrogen cylinders in the food packing industries where nitrogen gas is used to fill in the food packing. Though, our services are quick and clear but it is better to have an onsite Nitrogen generator. The COVID-19 pandemic had affected industries in many ways, especially food industries. Food cannot stay fresh for a longer time without the nitrogen gas filled in its packing. At such times, it would be easy and convenient if the industries had their own PSA Nitrogen generator plant.

Why Should Companies Opt For Generators For Nitrogen Gas Packaging

  • Easy availability: When a company has its own Nitrogen generator plant, they do not have to depend on suppliers. They are free to produce gas on site as per their requirement.
  • Stock maintenance: If you have on site nitrogen generator plant, it means that you never run out of nitrogen gas in any situation. Moreover you do not have to look for stock over and over again. On top of that, there will no hassle of checking on to the number of cylinders as now you have your onsite nitrogen generator.
  • No paper work: When you purchase cylinders from suppliers, you will have to maintain the inwards and the accounts and the stock. Having an onsite nitrogen generator means you do not have to do the paper work for keeping accounts of nitrogen cylinders received.
  • Cost effective: Some people think that cylinders are cost friendly rather than investing on onsite nitrogen generator. The fact is vice versa. The onsite nitrogen generators plant needs only one time investment and some maintenance. It keeps on providing you nitrogen supply for life. The invested money is recovered in some time and then you actually get nitrogen at a very low cost.
  • No wastage: When there is unloading and loading of the nitrogen cylinders, there is a possibility of spillage which is harmful as well the cost counts. Hence it is better to have a nitrogen generator rather than being a part of such hassle.
  • Conversion: Food industries receive liquid nitrogen which should then be converted into gaseous form to be filled in the packets. This is like wasting energy for the conversion. Therefore wisdom lies in having an onsite nitrogen generator instead of spending on such conversion.

Grab this cost saving opportunity by installing onsite nitrogen generator with the assistance of our techno-savvy team members at Trimech India. Let’s make life easier. 

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