Why Onsite Nitrogen Generation is beneficial for Nuts Packaging?

Why Onsite Nitrogen Generation is beneficial for Nuts Packaging?

Are you fond of nuts?

Do you buy packed and flavored nuts from the market?

Well, these days packed nuts are a lot in trend and many people carry these packets with them as snacks while travelling. These packed nuts are really crunch and have awesome flavor and taste. The quality of nuts can only be maintained by flushing in nitrogen gas. As you all are aware that nitrogen maintains the taste, quality and crunchiness of nuts. Therefore packing industries make use of nitrogen on a regular basis to keep them fresh while packing until opened. Trimech India is a manufacturer of Nitrogen gas and they supply nitrogen cylinders to many food and packaging industries. As the food has now become available on shelves, the demand for nitrogen has increased since then. There is no doubt that we supply nitrogen on time but we believe personally that it is best to have onsite nitrogen generators for nuts packaging.

Why Onsite Nitrogen Generation is beneficial for Nuts Packaging?

Here are some of the reasons why the packaging industry should give a thought to it.

  • Intact freshness: Having onsite nitrogen generators means that you are not going to run out of the gas in any condition. The freshness of packed food mainly depends upon nitrogen gas. The gas prevents the process of food oxidation and keeps it fresh. It increases the shelf life of the packed nuts. Hence to ensure that the packed nuts maintains its freshness and taste, make some space for onsite nitrogen generators at the premises of the industries.
  • Cost friendly: You end up spending more if you buy nitrogen cylinders because there is a transportation charge and the available nitrogen comes in liquid state. It means that you will have to convert into gaseous form for using it in packing. You will have to make use of energy for this conversion. Therefore it is in your benefit to have nitrogen generator so that you can avail gaseous nitrogen directly and avoid transportation charge too.
  • Reduced inventory: The industry keeps a check on the number of nitrogen cylinders delivered, used and returned back when empty. You will need to have a storage space and someone who can handle that account too. If you go for onsite nitrogen generators then you will have no hassles in looking after all those in and out of the cylinders. Use nitrogen from your generator as much as you want and get the work done.

Everyone likes fresh, tasty and fully look packaging of nuts and nitrogen is that gas that surely helps you in achieving these characteristics. Get in touch with Trimech India for setting up onsite nitrogen generator plant and supply fresh and rancid free nuts to your customers.

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