Advantages of using oxygen generators for Medical

Advantages of using oxygen generators for Medical

Trimech produces oxygen using PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) method of production. It is a very well established technology to obtain oxygen since years. Trimech is the leading manufacturer and supplier of PSA oxygen. Let us understand that why having oxygen generator is a boon in the medical industry or in hospitals.

    • The oxygen that you get from the cylinder is 99% pure and it is available in bulk. Although the oxygen that you obtain from oxygen generator contains Argon too it is not going to affect the health of patients and Argon is not reactive.
    • It is advisable to have an oxygen generator where the need of oxygen gas is higher. Say, for example, a large bedded hospital rather go for oxygen generator installation rather than paying a high price for oxygen cylinders. Having an oxygen generator plant from a leading manufacturer and supplier would be much cost saving and worth the investment.
    • Let’s think of storage. When you need to store oxygen cylinders in bulk, you will need ample space for storage with good ventilation. Instead, it is advisable to have the space of the oxygen generator and keep getting oxygen supplier when needed.
    • At times, when the empty cylinders are being replaced with a filled one, it is possible that there is little gas left in the cylinder. The staff members shall not check that and they will take the cylinder no matter what. Hence if that happens over the years than it is a loss to the industry. Hence it is wise to have oxygen generator at your own site and refill it when necessary.

  • Don’t forget the safety parameters. Oxygen generator produces gas a low pressure hence the risk of explosion is minimized to a greater extent. Whereas oxygen cylinders have a gas-filled with pressure hence the risk of explosion increases if handled carelessly.
  • Onsite oxygen generator greatly reduces the risk of explosion and cylinder handling is greatly reduced. Moreover, the fear of gas getting over is gone. You are with your dose of oxygen all the time.
  • It is a great relief to all the departments. You are not using a huge space for storage, the explosion risk is reduced, you are saving money and the administration has a lot more time to focus on productive work.

Trimech India is one of the leading producer and manufacturer of PSA oxygen. We will be delighted to assist you with the set up of your own oxygen generator. Get in touch with us for any queries.

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