All in detail you want to know about the industrial bucket elevator

Industrial Bucket Elevator

Trimech India makes bucket elevators for industrial purposes for decades now. They are so made to satisfy the need for different types of material handling. We are the manufacturer and supplier of various types of industrial bucket elevators. Different type of material handling will require different or rather customized bucket elevators. Therefore looking into that perspective of individuality we offer customized bucket elevators to our clients. There are many details one should look into to know the operations and type of bucket elevators that will suit them the best. You can have details from here for the number of the configuration of bucket elevators that we offer.

Let us get to know some of the common types of industrial bucket elevators that industries order from us.

  • Centrifugal: As the name suggests, it works on the principle of centrifugal force. When you have to handle heavy material type then it is suggested to use a centrifugal bucket elevator. A bucket is placed in the center as a loading apparatus. The centrifugal force from the head pulley directs the material from the bucket to a discharge chute. A wider space between the buckets is suggested to avoid any interference while material handling. You may make use of a centrifugal bucket elevator when you want to transport materials like gravels, sand, or other free flowing types of materials.
  • Continuous: We suggest this type of bucket elevator to industries that have to handle fragile materials. The buckets are so designed that it allows gentle delivery of the material. It is kept close to the belt so that there is minimum damage to the material while transfer. The loading and unloading of the material are made slowly and directly. It is ideal when you want to transfer materials that are free-flowing but delicate, abrasive, or that require no aeration.
  • Belt: If you are looking for a low cost and noise free bucket elevator then this is the right choice for you. Buckets are carefully placed on the belt depending upon the application and material of the industry. It is cost-friendly and does its work quietly.
  • Chain:  When you have to do material handling with objects that are large-sized particles then you will need to see at chain bucket elevator. They are durable as well can perform with higher capacity as compared to the rest.

Bucket types: There are many bucket types available in the market. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and supporting various material types. The bucket type is decided once we know whether it needs to go in centrifugal or continuous elevator type.

Advantages: Many of the reputed industries make us of bucket elevators nowadays. Here are some of the advantages associated with them.

  • They can work indoor and outdoor both. They are usually put in a closed section so that they are suitable for working in b0th situation,
  • Each industry comes up with its own challenge to offer material handling. To ensure that your need is satisfied, we design it for you just the way you want it to be.
  • They are easy and occupy a small space therefore it can stay in any corner of your place.
  • We can say that they are versatile because they can handle most of the types of materials and that too easily.
  • They have good capacity when it comes to material handling. Although it will mainly depend upon the type of materials used for handling.

Industrial Bucket Elevator

There are many applications of bucket elevators that one should know. It does not matter whether your materials are light or heavyweight but the only concern here is that we should identify our material type and select it accordingly.

Trimech India comprises of a team that will help you gain some insight about the bucket elevator and materials handling. If you have a question on it then you can get in touch with our team to know more about it. 

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