All you need to know about a chain bucket elevator

These are the regular equipment used for lifting factory stuff. The most commonly used bucket conveyor are:

  1. Belt type bucket elevators
  2. Chain type bucket elevators

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These conveyors are widely used in the following industries:

  1. Metallurgical Industry
  2. Chemical Industry
  3. Building materials Industry
  4. Mining Industry
  5. Grain and oilIndustry
  6. Food, feed Industry
  7. Plastics Industry
  8. Pharmaceutical and other industries

Chain type bucket conveyor over belt type bucket conveyor

  1. Chain-type bucket elevator with two circular chains, the moving parts. It have a longer serving life.
  2. Easy for operation and maintenance.
  3. Easy to adjust. Chain-type bucket elevator is generally adjust the chain tightness, just adjust the tensioning device is ok.
  4. Loading and Unloading methods.
  5. Shorten the time of downtime. Chain as the traction parts, greatly reducing downtime, effectively extend the production time.

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