Belt Conveyor: Installation and Safety

Belt Conveyor

Do you know that the belt conveyor requires proper installation? The suppliers should take care of the safety precaution while doing the installation. At Trimech India you have an expert that will take care of the installation. Therefore, just call up our team and leave your worries aside. Our team will handle it efficiently and with all the required precautions. Remember that there are certain factors that one must consider. Have look at them here.

  • Load distribution: The belt stretches out the length and moves to support material handling. Make sure that the belt is squared properly to avoid unequal load. Proper load distribution will lead to damage reduction and stress to the belt.
  • Reliable belt tracking: Remember that the belt should run smoothly in center. If it sways towards either side then one should work on it. The belt tracking should be correctly done to see that it does not move just either on the left or right.
  • Providing support: Give your belt optimum support. You can see to it that the belt runs on the support smoothly.
  • Straight belt run: Sometimes clients struggle to see straight belt running. In such a case you can contact our team. Our experts will install the drive, idle, and support rollers to give your running belt a precision.

Safety is another criterion that you should bear in mind. Conveyors are a great help but along with convenience comes safety too. Here are some of the safety measures to keep in mind.

  • Industrial belt conveyors are meant for materials. No humans should take the benefit of the conveyors.
  • The working parts and the conveyor control should be working properly. You should check the entire conveyor once before you leave.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry or any other fancy things. Women should tie their hair before moving out.
  • The guard opening should be so small that all cannot move inside easily.
  • The employee should be sitting near the control. No one should be allowed to though the controls. If anything goes wrong with the working conveyor then the control person should be contacted.
  • If a conveyor is under maintenance or if something goes wrong then the other staff members should be informed. 
  • Only authorized personnel can operate conveyors. The others who are not trained should stay away from it.

A belt conveyor is a necessity for some of the industries. Therefore it should not be operated by someone who is an expert. Do note that our belt conveyors are compatible but at the same time, it is our duty to be precautious. Trimech India is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of belt conveyors that believes in providing safety to the customers. For more inquires, you can visit our page or visit us personally.

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