Dust Collector: Things to know more about it from Trimech India

Dust CollectorDust Collector is a system which amass the dust from the air or gas which is released from the factories. This system helps in improving the quality of air/gas so that dust and other heavy particles are not released into the environment. Trimech India provides the customized pulse jet dust collectors, to accurately match the customer’s requirement. These Industrial dust collectors operate along with bag filters for refinement of air. Trimech India is one of the finest Dust collector manufacturer and supplier in the country. It works on the principle of pressure drop creation; the pressure drop between clean and dirty side of the filter element helps in operation of Dust Collectors.

The dirty heterogeneous mixture of air and particles enters the dust collector through inlet pipe and passes from various bag filters which keep hold of the dust particles. To ensure that filters are not damaged by heavy particles of impurities a baffle plate is used. The clean air is then allowed to flow to the outlet pipe. As the dust collector operates continuously the porosity of the dust collector vanishes, due to the formation of dust cake. These filter elements of industrial dust collectors are to be cleaned timely. A high pressured air jet is directed in the filter tube for cleaning purpose. Most of the industrial dust collectors are cleaned on row-by-row basis, to avoid the interruption in the process of cleaning the particulate air.

The advantage of pulse jet dust collector is that it is relatively maintenance free. If you are planning to buy a Dust Collector you are at right place; Trimech India is the leading Dust Collector manufacturer and supplier along with many other air pollution control Equipments. We believe in innovation but are also conscious about the environment.

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