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First let me introduce to what are conveyer belt system? Conveyers system are a long massive machines which are used for the purpose of transporting factory stuff’s from one location to other location. It has a belt connected in between two ends.

These systems are considered as the lifelines of various factories.  It has played a huge role in reducing human efforts to minimum. People are only required to do the checking of finished product and packaging. Also, the time and ultimately the cost and increase the productivity.

Also, a plus point is it has fully reduced the risk of any injuries or accidents for the labour working into the industries. Trimech India is one of such leading industries who acquire such machines for heavy weight lifting.

Let us study the different conveyer’s available:

  1. Belt Conveyors

Driven by electric motors running at variable speeds.They are useful at packaging units as well as at airports for baggage handling systems. Another popular application is found at warehouses where these belts are used for loading products into or from trucks and other transportation vehicles. Flat and trough belt conveyors are the popular versions in this category.

  1. Vibrating Conveyors

These systems are based on the principle of creating movements using vibrations. They are useful for the industrial applications involving free-flowing materials. For example, food items in the form of granules can be transported using them. Another good example is that of transporting materials that are extremely hot or corrosive in nature. Metal parts that are cast can be immediately transported in this way. Chemicals and wood products as well as products of mining can be transported efficiently using vibratory systems.

  1. Pneumatic Conveyors

Another interesting category is that of pneumatic conveying systems which make use of air pressure for transporting materials. These systems are used in ceramic industry for supplying granulators, chemical industry to feed the mixers, food industry to transport powdered items and sugar and for various other applications in rubber, plastic and cement industries.

  1. Screw Conveyors

A screw conveyor manufacturermake use of a helical shape screw for the transportation of liquids and materials in the form of granules. Wood chips and cereal grains are the two noteworthy examples of the materials conveyed using them. Wet, caking and difficult to move materials can also be conveyed using these conveyors. These systems are also used for applications in snow blowers, harvesters, ice re-surfacers and other machines.

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