Get the best Dust Collection Airlock for Rotary Valves by Trimech India

Trimech India group is proud to announce their new product which assists in reducing dust for companies along with material-handling equipment.



The business’ pioneer in modern dust accumulation and material taking care of arrangements, declares a recently outlined Vacu-Valve® sealed area valve one of the most minimal cost, least support dust authority valves accessible. The Vacu-Valve is a stream valve that works as a consistent release valve for dust authorities, containers, typhoons and other gear working under negative weight. It’s one of a kind duck charge outline permits it to administer free-streaming material persistently. The Vacu-Valve is accessible in the open outline of the Platypus or the shut configuration of the Armadillo.

The new plan offers a square spine or roundabout rib to better suit your dust accumulation framework. This low-upkeep stream valve is self-impelling, does not require grease, and has no controls or power prerequisites. This unit is ideal for “keep void” dust accumulation units and is offered in carbon steel or stainless steel adaptations. The replaceable duck charge sleeves are accessible in Neoprene, White Nitrile, VHT, and Silicone. The assortment of sleeve materials permits the Vacu-Valve to suit an extensive variety of utilizations.

The Vacu-Valves are regularly used in commercial ventures, for example, workshop, mining, bond, pharmaceutical, dry sustenance’s, plastics, concoction and assembling.

Trimech Vacu-Valves have been proficiently and financially discharging particulate from dust authorities and pack houses. These ease stream valves are a prudent contrasting option to costly rotating sealed area valves. The Aerodyne line of material-taking care of valves is one of the longest enduring and most strong in the powder and mass taking care of industry.

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