How to Choose the Right Drag Chain Conveyor System?

Right Drag Chain Conveyor System

We have understood the importance of conveyor in industries for material handling. With the help of conveyors, the transportation of heavy or bulk products or raw materials has been made easy. Here we are going to discuss about Drag Chain Conveyor system.

Drag Chain conveyor is designed specially to handle certain types of materials in a particular type of environment. It is essential to select the right type of drag chain conveyor and get it from one of the leading manufacturers – Trimech. We create the most efficient and durable material handling system. Our conveyors are available in various width and they are made by implying National and International standards.

Industrial processes need to be more efficient in material handling. Therefore it is very important to know the right type of Drag Chain Conveyor System.

Knowing the type of material is very important. Drag Chain conveyor can be usually used for handling materials that are hot or corrosive. To list some of the materials like coal, lime, wood, biomass etc. hence our capable engineer’s design conveyors that will best suitable to the materials and environment. We design Drag chain Conveyors that can withstand high temperature and are resistant to corrosion. We make use of alloys in making or do coating so that the conveyors can withstand the heat and work efficient in the provided environment.

Another important factor to look upon while choosing Drag Chain Conveyor is its design. The design of Drag Chain Conveyor matters a lot in the industry. With a powerful design comes efficiency of the conveyor. Along with the efficiency comes the saving. When your Drag chain Conveyor system is working efficiently then you surely save the cost of energy needed for its working.

Our expert’s design Drag Chain Conveyors looking at the environment and material type. The model may be made with variants in belt and outlets so that it becomes more flexible and overall efficiency can be increased. Integration of chains many single or multiple can be incorporated so that the efficiency is increased. We design Drag Chain conveyors according to particle integrity. If we bear this in mind while making a design that we can save upon the operating cost and save fuel.

Trimech India is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of the superior quality of Drag chain Conveyor system. We make the best of designs that are suitable for your industry. To know more about the working and to understand more about the type of Drag chain Conveyor system, get in touch with our experts. We shall guide you with the entire system and lead you to your customized Drag chain conveyor. Our conveyors are designed to carry the heavy load very conveniently and they do not seek much of maintenance.

Get in touch with us for more information. Our standardized conveyors are ideal material handling equipment for your industry.

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