Oxygen Generation Plant

Oxygen Generation Plant

It is a known fact that Oxygen gas is life saver and it has its endless applications, like in preparation of compounds such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid etc., in industrial and medicinal procedures, and also in operations related to metals like melting, welding, cutting etc.

Oxygen and Nitrogen gases are present in the atmosphere in the ratio of 21 and 78% respectively. With the use of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), Nitrogen gas can be eliminated, and Oxygen gas can be collected for its further uses. Collected PSA Oxygen gas is then circulated to customers, at required pressure, with the use of pressure reducing valves,

Trimech Company is the best renowned company, supplying quality oriented PSA Oxygen Plants, for various industrial and non – industrial uses.

It is advisable to select the Reliable VPSA Oxygen plants, which can provide safety and wellbeing, rather than choosing faulty plants, which can cause heavy loss to the industry and lives.

VPSA Oxygen Plant

Specialties which Trimech provides in its PSA Oxygen plants:

  • Works on automatic basis, without any care or attention
  • Oxygen can be generated in this anytime, when required
  • Provides required automation of different types like (1w + 1s)
  • Efficient in providing high filtration level
  • Offers free after sales service for 2 years
  • Gives so much ease during installation, and after installation, requires no maintenance
  • Able to achieve due point, with the help of separate air dryer
  • Attains oil content as 003 ppm, after the filtration level
  • Oxygen gas generated by it is fully pure in the ratio of 92-95%
  • Offers provision as rs 282/rs 485
  • Contains rotameter with its bypass arrangement

So, choose Trimech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. and rely on us for getting reliable and efficient Oxygen and Nitrogen plants.

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