Different Types of Air Dryers and their Applications


Now adays, almost all the industrial and commercial processes consume compressed air for their procedures.This compressed air, also contains water vapour and other impurities, which are necessary to be removed.

Air dryers are used to remove the water vapours from compressed air, as excessive water in any from in the compressed air, can result in indemnities like corrosion in pipelines, failure in pneumatic systems etc.

Trimech Company is a renowned company, for manufacturing air dryers of best quality and different kinds, with different applications.

Have a look at different air dryers by Trimech, which will create ease in choosing the right one:

  • Refrigerator dryer:It removes moisture, by lowering the temperature, and is appropriate with any amount of capacity. It uses electronic system and LED. Itis easy to operate and cost efficient.
  • Heatless type air dryer:It is fully automated and dries moisture by adsorption. It is solid, inexpensive and consumers very low amount of power.
  • Internal heater dryer: In this system, air temperature is 40 – 450C, which reaches up to 1800C, with the help of external heater.Here, restoration is gained by dry air at a high temperature and low pressure. These are most dense and simple.
  • Split flow type dryer: Here, moisture holding capacity is increased, by passing wet air through heater.
  • Blower reactive type:Here,moisture holding capacity is increased by passing restored air through blower,and then it isheated in a heating chamber.It is most affordable.
  • Biogas dryer: It removes harmful water vapours, when the inlet temperature is between 40 – 450 It contains dense steel base and 30C dew point.


Want to improve machine cycle time, save energy and remove wear and tear?All from the single source? Then just order best quality air dryers from Trimech Company.

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