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Material Handling Equipment

Let’s get to hear it from one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of material handling equipment specialists. Trimech India is the manufacturer and supplier of material handling equipment nationwide. It provides a unique, comprehensive and integrated solution for bulk material handling to the industries all over India. We come up with the conceptual integration of our system for the industries; it does not matter whether the methodology that they follow is traditional or modern. Trimech India provides complete installation and integration of material handling equipment to its clients.

Trimech India is blessed with a team that has thinking skills. They have a thought process that forms a structure, come up with different innovative ideas and the willingness to fulfill them. With this ideology, they provide their clients with a complete material handling solution. There are various industries dealing with different types of material handling equiments hence it is important to know your material type and then decide on to which type of material handling equipment will be suitable for you. Whether a client is dealing with the food industry, metals, chemicals, powder or any other product/ raw material, we can provide you with a path that will assure you timely delivery at your desired area.

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Being a material handling specialist, we offer you our complete range of material handling equipment. Our material handling equipment consists of Belt Conveyor, Bucket Conveyor, Drag Chain Conveyor, Screw Conveyor, Apron Feeder and Pneumatic Conveying System.  Our vision regarding the use of each material handling equipment is very clear. We can guide our clients completely regarding the use and mechanical aspects of the equipment.

Trimech India manufactures and supplier quality embedded material handling equipment. Do you know why we can say this firmly? It is because our material handling equipment is designed with innovative thoughts and superior quality. These qualities ensure that the equipment is safe & sound to use and they will work with efficiency. Being one of the leading material handling suppliers, we know that our equipment will work for years but it is advisable to have servicing done at least once in a year to avoid any further undeserving consequences.

We understand that virtual demonstration of material handling equipment may look satisfying but when it comes to reality, it may not work that effectively. Hence to avoid any further hassles, we organize a visit to the workplace and analyze all the criteria’s. We look into all the factors before making any suggestion. Though, our material handling equipment is mostly compatible with carrying almost all the materials in the system.

Material handling equipment facilitates the moving, packing and storing of materials correctly and without damaging it. Hence we believe that material handling equipment is better if we allow them to perform in their choice of environment. It is important for an industry to save time and money, material handling equipment does it both. Speak to one of our advisors and get to know more about material handling equipment. Our assistants will be happy to guide through your journey for selection.

Michael Vaknin, a year ago

Good Deal Experience from Trimech Engineers. Accuracy and safety along with good Quality product is maintained well.

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