Rotary Airlock Valve Manufacturer in India

Rotary airlock valves are used for discharging the dust from cyclomax and bag filter hopper. They seal against loss of gas or air and thus are able to generate more pressure in the systems. Rotary airlock valves are also used in volumetric feeders in order to uphold the right flow or material through systems. They are also called as rotary valve, star valve, star feeder, rotary airlock and so on.

Apart from main advantage of collecting dust, other advantages of Trimech India products include,

  • Pollution control in manufacturing plants
  • Low height and easy to retrofit
  • Clearance for the best seal
  • Low maintenance bearings

You should know about basics of different valves. Here we list some of the major types of rotary airlock valves,

  • Basic Rotary airlock Valve – Comes with a range of accessories and operates efficiently
  • Abrasive Resistant Rotary airlock Valve – Most popular semi abrasive resistant valve
  • Semi-food Grade Rotary Airlock Valve –Chemical resistant coated valve
  • Stainless Steel Rotary Airlock Valve – Valve made from stainless steel
  • Super Abrasive Resistant Rotary Airlock Valve –Most abrasive valve made for the most abrasive environments
  • Abrasive Resistant Ceramic Rotary Airlock Valve –This valve can also be used for most abrasive environments
  • Rotary Valve DC Series Airlock –The valve that can provide more efficient and economic solutions for different applications of dust collection

Founded in the year 2008, Trimech India is one of the top rotary airlock valve manufacturer and supplier in India. Our rotary airlock valves are designed in confirmation with international quality standards and highly efficient in work. These rotary airlock valves operates in fluently, need very less maintenance and lasts for the lifetime. Our rotary airlock valves can be applied in different industries like crystals or pellets, free flowing poders and granules. Industries like dust, plastic, sugar, cement, grains, minerals, flour and fly, lime, coffee, gypsum and cereals can use our products.

We are rotary airlock valve supplier and offer customized rotary feeders in India. We invite all our visitors to get free quotes and consultation on your requirements. Kindly visit our website at www.trimechindia.com for more information.

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