What is a Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Generator?

Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption Generator

Oxygen is one of the important gases used in industries for various processes. Well, separating oxygen by the cryogenic process is difficult and expensive. Therefore VPSA method is used to derive oxygen from the mixture of gases. VPSA works at low pressure and it is economical. It is an advanced method of separating oxygen where an adsorbent is used. A special type of adsorbent, selected from many is used to make a gas run over it. Gradually, the gas that is separated is the dense oxygen. This is the simplest way of separating oxygen from the rest. VPSA oxygen generators are widely used in industries that need oxygen daily. The industry owners understand the importance of owning a VPSA generator. Therefore, they invest in this technology.

Understanding the process

Air is fed into a cooler to reduce its moisture content. The condensed moisture is then separated with the help of a moisture separator. The VPSA oxygen generator makes use of a selected adsorbent for the process. The cooled air is then passed through a tower that is coated with adsorbent. In this process where cooled air passes through the tower, the separation of around 93 to5% of oxygen occurs. This is the process happening in one tower.

The extraction of the gas has to happen on a large scale. Therefore, for the generation of the gas, only one tower is not sufficient. The industries make use of many such towers to ensure that the cycle of extraction of oxygen does not stop. The used towers are also regenerated to get continuous extraction of oxygen.

Owing to the advantages of the VPSA generator, it has a good demand these years. It is used in many small to big industrial processes. 

Let us tell you what are the advantages and industrial applications of using oxygen gas.

Advantages of VPSA Oxygen Generator

VPSA Oxygen Generator

  • Improves the process of combustion in a kiln or furnace.
  • Onsite generation of oxygen is cost-effective and available.
  • There is no hassle with storage.
  • The purity of oxygen generated on-site is more than the one you buy.
  • Most importantly, it saves time and the fuss of managing inventory.

Applications of Oxygen

Oxygen Advantages

  • It is widely used in furnaces or kilns for the making of steel from the iron ore.
  • The separation of metals like Copper, Lead, Nickel, Zinc, Tin and Gold are separated by a process that uses oxygen gas.
  • It is a prime ingredient in the process of glass tubes and ampoules.
  • The wastewater treatment plant makes use of oxygen to reduce odor and improve aeration.
  • It is an active ingredient in the processes of fermentation, incineration, and oxidation reaction.
  • Ceramic and sanitary ware industries make use of oxygen gas.
  • Paper and pulp industries use oxygen as a bleaching agent.

There are innumerable industries that make use of oxygen gas in their process. Gas is vital for living as well as for industries. If you are an industry owner who needs oxygen gas in their process, then you must look for a reliable VPSA generator. If you are interested then we can help you build a VPSA generator of your own. Let’s meet.

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